Services & Tarrifs

  • Iridology examination: picture of the two iris and detection of health issues expressed or not yet expressed and prescription of natural remedies=50€.
  • Naturopathic consultation / Iridology examination: 1 hour 30 consultation, picture of the two iris. Presentation of the result: recommendations as regards foodstuffs & life higiene with prescription of natural remedies=2*50€.
  • Wellness massage: back, shoulders, neck + head (30-40 mins)= 40€. + legs & belly = 60€. CHI NEI TSANG, 30 mins: 50€.
  • “Bol d’ air” Jacquier: Biocatalytic oxygenation balanced by extract from the resin of atlantic pines. An oxygenation method from every tissues unique & natural. 1 session of 6 minuts= 5€ / 7 sessions= 30€.
  • Bach Flower Remedies of Dr. Bach: helps to harmonise emotional badly lived states: aggressivity, sadness, guilt, anger, anxiety… Bach flower with consultation= 40€.
  • Applications: Clay + essential oils to treat back and joint pain & Some castor oil poultice to remedy from congestive states ( inflammations, swelling ). 25€/session.